business people

people who transact business (especially business executives)
Syn: ↑businesspeople
Hypernyms: ↑people

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  • List of Italian American business people — A List of Italian American business people.CEOs*Gil Amelio former CEO of National Semiconductor and Apple *William Amelio president and CEO of Lenovo Group Limited *Richard Belluzzo businessman who worked as an executive at HP (executive vice… …   Wikipedia

  • List of Montreal business people — List of business people from MontréalA*Hugh Allan, financier and shipping magnate *H. Montagu Allan, businessman, Hockey Hall of Fame member *David Azrieli, real estate magnateB*Philippe de Gaspe Beaubien broadcasting, magazines *Conrad Black,… …   Wikipedia

  • business lunch — UK US noun [C] ► a lunch with other business people or customers where business is discussed: »I have an important business lunch tomorrow with two new clients …   Financial and business terms

  • people-intensive — ˈpeople inˌtensive adjective HUMAN RESOURCES a people intensive business or organization needs a lot of people to make it run correctly: • Schools are people intensive. They need pupils and they need staff. * * * people intensive UK US adjective… …   Financial and business terms

  • business class — Ⅰ. business class UK US noun ► [U] TRANSPORT a type of air travel that is more expensive and has better conditions than economy class, or the part of a plane where people who have booked this type of travel sit: »Most of the special deals on… …   Financial and business terms

  • business — busi‧ness [ˈbɪzns] noun COMMERCE 1. [uncountable] the production, buying, and selling of goods or services for profit: • Students on the course learn about all aspects of business. • We are in business to create profit. • The company says it… …   Financial and business terms

  • business case — ˈbusiness ˌcase noun [countable] COMMERCE an explanation of how a new project, product etc is going to be successful and why people should invest money in it: • The company would need to prepare a business case showing how it would meet the costs …   Financial and business terms

  • business process outsourcing — ˌbusiness ˌprocess ˈoutsourcing abbreviation BPO noun [uncountable] HUMAN RESOURCES the practice of asking people from outside a company to be take charge of running a part of its activities: • Many organisations are turning to business process… …   Financial and business terms

  • people skills — ➔ skill * * * people skills UK US noun [plural] ► HR the ability to deal with people in a friendly and effective way that achieves good results: »The successful candidate will need excellent people skills as well as the relevant qualifications.… …   Financial and business terms

  • people meter — ➔ meter1 * * * people meter UK US noun [C] ► MARKETING a piece of electronic equipment used in people s homes to measure the number and type of people watching particular television programmes to help with planning, advertising, etc …   Financial and business terms

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